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    Foundation Team (TM Rank Structure) Empty Foundation Team (TM Rank Structure)

    Post by Channdie on Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:36 pm

    As you aware, the FBI is constantly evolving.  With this said - the FBI is looking to giving out equal rights and powers to persons.  However, we will be having the persons in the Foundation Team Rank Unit have different roles and responsibilities.

    The Foundation Team Rank Unit will be above the TM Rank unit.  A total of 8 persons are in the Foundation Team Rank Unit.  Only one person may hold one of the 8 ranks.  The ranks of the Foundation Team are as follows:

    • Director (1ic)
      The Director is the Main Oversee of the FBI as a whole.  (S)He will oversee the main operations of the FBI day-to-day. They also receive rights to badge admin the Special Visitors, VIP Badge and badge admin.  Congratulations to the Director, barnybee.

    • Chief of Staff (1ic)
      The COS is one of the three main overseers.  They oversee the main operations of the FBI.  Specifically, they oversee everything and anything staff related to the FBI.  They work closely with the Human Resources Director. They also receive rights to badge admin the Special Visitors, VIP Badge and Badge Admin. Congratulations to the Chief of Staff, (this position is currently vacant.)

    • Deputy Director (1ic)
      The Deputy Director of the FBI oversees all alliance, communication and general counsel issues.  They also receive rights to badge admin the Special Visitors, VIP Badge and badge admin. Congratulations to the Deputy Director, peppa2009.

    • Affairs Director (2ic)
      The Affairs Director is the main overseer of the following: All alliance communications, maintaining alliances and selecting new alliances.  As well as all under-cover operations. Congratulations to the Affairs Director, baller786.

    • General Counsel Director (2ic)
      The General Counsel Director is the main overseer of the following: All OOA and TM operations as well as all Training Measures. They are also responsible for keeping all training, regulation and policies up-to-date. Congratulations to the new General Counsel Director, Josh5555.

    • Intelligence & Competency Director (2ic)
      The Intelligence & Competency Director is the main overseer of the following: All internal and external information flow.  They're also responsible for writing, proposing and soliciting feedback in regards to rules & regulations from the FBI. Congratulations to the Intel. & Comp. Director, Duckings.

    • Human Resources Director (2ic)
      The Humane Resources Director is the main overseer of the following: All agency disputes while working with the Public Affairs Director, employee issues and general personal.  They are also responsible for updating job responsibilities and duties. As well as posting new job postings. Congratulations to the new Human Resources Director, Devindg13 .

    • Communications Director (2iC)
      The Communications Director is the main overseer of the following: Communications on behalf of the FBI as an whole on our website and forum, as well as working hand-in-hand with the Public Affairs Director and Human Resources Director.  Congratulations to the new Communications Director, jdq12.

    Congratulations and welcome to The Foundation Team.
    In regards to the TM, we will be removing the ranks of Acting Owner and Joint Owner.  The persons will be moved to Grand Overseer. The only TM rank that is remaining is Grand Overseer.  The persons whom are apart of Grand Overseer are: kosukewert, pocilover, Erys., and devindg13.

    You may be wondering why we're changing the rank unit of the Leadership Team.  This is because we feel that the FBI will succeed even more than by hearing just one voice, we are multiple voices  - if more people are providing feedback and letting persons know what they want - we have nothing stopping us from succeeding.  We are also working on Core Values - the FBI will be operating from this core values and involving them in our everyday operations at our agency.  The Core Values will be the backbone of what we as FBI persons believe it. Stay tuned for more details.

    We can only improve our Leadership team by listening, taking in everyone opinions and being kind.  If we do this and provide intent to our agency workers - the FBI will evolve.  The workers will be doing what they're supposed to be doing - why? Because they now have intent.  The RSO will be working RSO and monitoring persons - why? Because they now have the intent.  The intent and power is in their court - it all depends on them.

    Below, you will find the updated rank list.
    Top Management (TM)
    Grand Overseer: kosukewert, pocilover,
    Foundation Team (FT)
    Communications Director (2ic) - jdq12
    Human Resources Director (2ic) - Devindg13
    Intel & Comp. Director (2ic) - Duckings
    General Counsel Director (2ic) - Josh5555
    Public Affairs Director (2ic) - Vacant
    Deputy Director (1ic) - peppa2009
    Chief of Staff (1ic) - goth19995
    Director (1ic) - barnybee
    Founder (1ic) - Harry6./Channdie

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns - please do feel free to get in contact with myself in-game or via the forum.

    Thanks again for your time and for sticking with the FBI,

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