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    Official FBI Alliances Empty Official FBI Alliances

    Post by Chapppie on Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:47 pm

    Alliances of the <F.B.I>

    Remember, some of the following alliances may not allow you to transfer their members so be careful of who you're transferring - if you're not sure then raise your voice and ask the team.

    If you'd like to organise an alliance with the <F.B.I> then see Channdie, Peppa2009 or barnybee.

    Special Weapons and Tactics <SWAT>
    FBI's Contact: Skylar93321 [Director of Foreign Relations]
    Official FBI Alliances Screen14

    New Orleans Police Department <NOPD>
    FBI's Contact: .Chaps. [Deputy Chief of Staff]
    Official FBI Alliances Screen15

    Military Intelligence Section <Mi5>
    FBI's Contact: CoreStars [Director General]
    Official FBI Alliances Screen16

    If you need to contact the FBI's contact about an issue, inform Channdie, Peppa or barnybee.

    Whenever you're visiting one of our alliances remember you're representing the FBI so please behave whilst at the alliances HQ and set a good example.

    Foundation and Alliance Team

    <F.B.I> Deputy Director <1iC>

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    Official FBI Alliances Empty Re: Official FBI Alliances

    Post by barnybee on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:17 pm

    Addition to this list is now Federal Security (FS)

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