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    How to: use the Screenshots board


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    How to: use the Screenshots board

    Post by Justintheman22 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:41 pm

    Hi there!

    This is the Screenshots board for Habbo's Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    This board was created to harbor proof of insolence or rule-breaking within the agency. If you do not know how to take a screenshot, here is a simple way.

    In the corner of your keyboard, you should see a button that says 'alt'. When you spot an incident that should be screenshotted (we'll go over that later), hold down "alt" and press "prt sc" (usually in the right hand corner of your keyboard). Nothing will appear to happen. This leads to the next step.

    If you run Microsoft, open up "Paint". This can be found by going to your start menu and simply typing "Paint".

    Once you have opened up the program, click "Paste", which will be in the top left hand corner of your screen.

    The moment you have captured when pressing alt+prt sc was pasted onto the page.

    Now, all you have to do is save it to a specific target folder.

    To put it on the forum, go to the "Screenshots" board. Click "NEW TOPIC" in the left hand corner of the board.

    Once you have opened the topic making screen up, click "Host an Image." A prompt will ask you to browse or paste from a link. Since you have saved your picture to a folder, you can click "Browse" and find your picture. Click it. You can resize it as you wish.

    You'll be given a link to your picture. Copy that, and click "Insert image". Press "OK" and your image will be put in code. Once you send the topic, it will appear in your topic.

    Now, instances when you should post a screenshot of something. Here are some do's and don'ts regarding uploading screenshots.


    -Upload screenshots of insolence, disrespect, or another infraction.
    -Provide a respectful description of what is screenshotted.


    -Upload meaningless screenshots of silly things.
    -Upload any screenshots containing pornographic or sexual content. This will result in immediate action and will be deleted by administrators.
    -Crop the picture. This will be regarded as invalid evidence.

    You can use the screenshotting technique when posting screenshots for a strike/firing request.

    Follow these guidelines and you'll have no problem using this board!


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